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To reduce cancer burden through innovative, epidemiologic research.

Research Projects

The Alberta Moving Beyond Breast Cancer (AMBER) Study

Dr. Friedenreich

The overall aim of this research is to study how physical activity and health-related fitness (e.g. physical fitness and body composition) are associated with survival after breast cancer. The cohort study has enrolled 1528 newly diagnosed breast cancer survivors in Alberta since 2012 and is following up these participants with regular assessments …

Late effects of childhood cancer

Dr. Fidler-Benaoudia

Although survival from childhood cancer has increased substantially in the last decades, treatments used to achieve cure are known to cause late effects, or health problems that occur months or years after treatment has ended…

Antineoplastic drugs: policy levers and opportunities for occupational exposure reduction

Dr. Peters and Dr. Brenner

Antineoplastic drugs, also known as cytotoxic or hazardous drugs, are necessary tools in cancer treatment. However, many antineoplastic drugs can also cause cancer later in life…

The Department of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research

Since 2001, the scientists of CEPR have been combining traditional epidemiologic study designs with a molecular epidemiologic emphasis. The collection of demographic, lifestyle, and clinical information has now been expanded to include genetic, cellular, biomarker and metabolomic information from collected biological specimens.

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CEPR Rounds

Date: December 3, 2020

Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Location: Zoom

Alberta’s Tomorrow Project – A Health Research Platform Jennifer Vena is the Scientific Director of Alberta’s Tomorrow Project, a longitudinal cohort study of 55,000 Albertans currently in its 20th year, that sits in Cancer Research & Analytics in CancerControl Alberta, Alberta Health Services. ATP functions as a health research platform, with the goal of supporting…

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