Date: May 6, 2015
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Holy Cross Centre (HCC) - Room G020A


Karianne Vassbakk Brovold, PhD-student visiting our department from Kristiansand, Norway


The I CAN Study


The I CAN study is a 12 month comprehensive, individualised feasibility study with the aim of increasing the population based adherence to healthy lifestyle behaviors, focusing on diet, physical activity, mental stress and smoking cessation in newly diagnosed cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy with curative or palliative intent. The study is conducted in one Oncology Department in Southern Norway and has included 100 patients, which 1) were all invited to a 3 hour grouped start-up course with other patients and relatives, 2) received a binder with information, recommendations, recipes and tips on how they can help manage disease and treatment-related side-effects themselves and 3) met monthly with a lifestyle supervisor to assess their lifestyle behaviours and to receive individualised guidance on how they could optimise their behaviors, based on their preferences, abilities and barriers.

In my presentation, I will present the background of the study, the I CAN study in more detail, how the individualisation was done and some of our findings so far; who participates and what are the experiences of participating in a lifestyle intervention while undergoing chemotherapy with curative or palliative intent.

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