PEAK-RC – Participating Exercise Prehabilitation to Keep up Function Capacity for Radical Cystectomy: A Window-of-Opportunity Randomized Controlled Trial

Dr. Yang

The PEAK-RC study is a randomized controlled trial testing the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of a HIIT intervention that prepares bladder cancer patients for radical cystectomy.

RiskDialogue – Making healthy behaviour changes easy: AI-enabled dialogue-driven app for personalized cancer prevention

Dr. Yang

About 40% of cancer cases in Canada could be prevented following CCS recommendations to “make healthy choices” and the creation of health-supporting environments.

The PEAK program – Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Cancer Prehabilitation Program to Enhance Knowledge, Improve Mental Health and Keep Up Physical Function

Dr. Yang

“It is a marathon, not a sprint”. The journal of facing cancer is often likened to a marathon rather than a spirit, as it involves challenges that span from diagnosis to long-term survivorship.

PEAK-AS – Exercise intervention for prostate cancer men managed by active surveillance: a knowledge survey

Dr. Yang

Active surveillance has been recommended as the preferred management strategy to avoid or postpone immediate therapy for low-risk (potentially intermediate-risk) prostate cancer…

Cancer incidence: Outdoor air pollution

Dr. Peters and Dr. Yang

Outdoor air pollution is a known lung carcinogen. However, little is known about the relationship between air pollution and other types of cancer…

PEAK-RP – Participating in Tai Chi to Reduce Anxiety and Keep up Physical Function: a Prehabilitation Intervention for Radical Prostatectomy

Dr. Yang

The PEAK-RP study is a randomized controlled trial testing the implementation strategy of a mind-body-exercise intervention that prepares prostate cancer patients and their caregivers for radical prostatectomy…

Shaping up on physical activity and cancer: Improving estimates of cancer risk using accelerometry and contemporary methods in the UK Biobank

Dr. Yang

There are inherent limitations of self-report data associated with measurement error. This project uses novel and innovative methods to estimate the attenuation of the association between self-reported physical activity and cancer risk associated with measurement error…