Dr. PetersCAREX

Dr. Peters is the co-principal investigator and occupational exposure lead of CAREX (CARcinogen EXposure) Canada, a multi-institution team of researchers and specialists with expertise in epidemiology, risk assessment, toxicology, geographic information systems, and knowledge mobilization. CAREX Canada aims to provide a body of knowledge about Canadians’ exposures to known and suspected carcinogens. A major output of our research includes estimates of occupational and environmental exposure to carcinogens; to date, CAREX Canada has estimated exposure or risk to over 50 occupational and 35 environmental carcinogens, respectively. Knowledge mobilization is a key component of our work; CAREX Canada strives to support organizations in prioritizing exposures and developing targeted exposure reduction policies and programs. The project’s knowledge users are responsible for protecting Canadians from exposures to carcinogens in workplace and community environments, and work at provincial and federal government agencies, cancer agencies, health authorities, workers compensation boards, NGOs, and Indigenous organizations.

Co-Principal Investigatosr: Dr. Cheryl Peters, Dr. Anne-Marie Nicol

Funder: Canadian Partnership Against Cancer