Dr. Karen Kopciuk

Nishtohtamihk li kaansyr (Understanding Cancer): Cancer Screening, Outcomes and Experiences among Métis People in Alberta
This co-designed study between the Métis Nation of Alberta (AB) and AHS Screening Programs will evaluate cancer screening outcomes and experiences of Métis Albertans. Alberta is an ideal setting for this study due to its large Métis population and being home to the only land-based Métis Settlement communities within Canada. A web-based questionnaire will evaluate barriers and facilitators to cancer screening for Métis Albertans that has been developed and designed to consider their lived realities and perspectives. In addition, a systems-level approach will be used to quantify screening uptake and follow-up care amongst Métis people across Alberta. These results will be compared to their non-Métis AB counterparts. This study is an  important first step toward understanding where inequities and issues related to cancer screening may exist for Métis Albertans from both an evidence-based perspective and the lived perspectives of Métis people.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Karen Kopciuk

Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Huiming Yang

Knowledge Users: Ms. Reagan Bartel, Dr. Angeline Letendre

Co-Investigators: Ms. Ashton James, Dr. Melissa Potestio, Dr. Janis Geary, Dr. Karen Goodman

Collaborators: Ms. Amy Colquhoun, Ms. Monica Schwann

Funder: Canadian Institutes of Health Research