Seniors walking

Dr. Friedenreich

The Colon Health and Life Long Exercise Trial (CHALLENGE Trial) is a multi-centre randomized controlled exercise intervention trial that is funded and coordinated by the Cancer Clinical Trials Group at Queen’s University, Kingston. Dr. Friedenreich is a co-investigator on this first ever trial that is enrolling and randomizing 962 Stage II and III colon cancer survivors who have completed their treatments for colon cancer into either a three year long exercise program or to usual care (i.e. no exercise). There are approximately 50 centers worldwide participating in this trial. The exercise arm participants are provided with a combination supervised and unsupervised, home-based exercise program as well as behaviour modification materials to help them increase their physical activity levels post-treatment. Follow-up for mortality outcomes is planned for these participants.

Principal Investigators: Cancer Clinical Trials Group

Co-Investigator: Dr. Christine Friedenreich

Funder: Canadian Cancer Society