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Dr. Brenner and Dr. Friedenreich

This project is quantifying the number and proportion of incident cancer cases in Canada, now and to 2042, that could be prevented through changes in modifiable lifestyle and environmental exposures associated with cancer. The broad risk factor categories of interest are: tobacco exposure, dietary factors, physical activity, obesity, environmental factors, infectious

diseases and hormonal therapies. This project includes a Pan-Canadian group of co-investigators as well as major partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society. A committee of knowledge end-users for this research is also participating in this project. Several papers are inprogress and results will be forthcoming in 2018.

Co-Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Darren Brenner and Dr. Christine Friedenreich

Co-investigators: Dr. Eduardo Franco, Dr. Will King, Dr. Paul Villeneuve, Dr. Paul Demers, Dr. Stephen Walter, Dr. Perry Hystad, Dr. Prithwish De, Dr. Robert Nuttall, Dr. Leah Smith.

Funder: Canadian Cancer Society

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