Seniors excercising

Dr. Friedenreich

The Prostate Cancer Cohort Study includes nearly 1000 incident cases of prostate cancer who were diagnosed between 1997-2000 in Alberta and were part of a population-based case-control study that we conducted here. The cases were initially interviewed at the time of their diagnosis and then re-interviewed approximately two years after diagnosis. They were also asked to complete self-administered questionnaires on their physical activity and quality of life every two years for another two follow-ups. We completed the follow-up and obtained data on any progressions, recurrences and deaths that have occurred in this cohort of prostate cancer cases and have published the results on the role of physical activity, obesity and alcohol intake on survival outcomes. We have also conducted additional analyses on this cohort including examining determinants of physical activity post prostate cancer diagnosis.

Principal InvestigatorDr. Christine Friedenreich

Co-Investigator(s): Dr. Kerry Courneya, Dr. Elizabeth McGregor, Dr. Karen Kopciuk