Dr. Kopciuk

The results of this project will inform the implementation of HPV test of cure to optimize the clinical follow-up pathway for Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN) post-treatment, which will improve patient outcomes in Alberta, reduce variability in clinical practice, reduce wait times for colposcopy, and reduce related health care costs (expected to be millions of dollars each year). We will use micro-simulation modelling of AB-specific scenarios to predict CIN post-treatment outcomes. Scenarios will be based on data obtained from Canadian-based published studies combined with data from a retrospective review of the Alberta Cervical Cancer Screening Program. Cost will be from the payer’s perspective in AB. Intervention protocols involving HPV testing will be compared with the current cytology-based protocol using a number of performance metrics.


Co-Principle Investigator: Dr. Huiming Yang

Co-Investigators: Dr. Alexandra Schepansky,  Dr. Jill Nation, Dr. Ranjit Waghray, Dr. James A. Dickinson,  Dr. Jing Yang

Collaborators: Gordon Kliewer, Anna Thind, Noel Foggo-Lamoureux

Funder: Cancer SCN Seed Grant (AHS, U of C)